Hey !
Here is some pictures of the design school, as you can see, it's very sunny, spring is coming :)


I know, it's been a long time since I haven't post anything... But I was hibernating.

Hi !

Sorry my blog is still alive but the last weeks were a bit tough, because of the weather of course... but as a very cool danish girl told me : "spring is around the corner", and that's true, so I'm slowly waking up.  It was also hard because I was in a course which was just for danish speaker, that am I not as you know...But today, I've started a new exciting course where I will have to create an art-zine.
The teacher we have is very very cool (here is his website) and we went to the TTC gallery which is specialized in collecting art-zines from all over the world...
Very inspiring place, with so much nice and crazy books, here are the pictures I could take...
see you soon !